Master Marketer Membership Instructions

To become a Master Marketer affiliate and gain access to the courses and marketing tools, click on the GET INSTANT ACCESS button below to set up your account.

This is a one-time setup fee of only $49.00

Your Membership and System will include:

✅ Mastery Course (5) Training Modules
✅ Affiliate Back Office System
✅ Landing and Lead Capture Pages
✅ Live Coaching Webinars
✅ Recorded Calls / Webinar Library

Annual Renewal Fee:  There is a small $10 annual renewal fee (12 months) to keep your membership active.  You will not be charged automatically.  You will receive an email notification 12 months from your order date to pay the $10 fee the next time you login to your account.

Once you create your account by placing your order, you will have access all the training and link to set up your affiliate account.


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